Sunday, April 29, 2012

Knalpot - Sauce + Serious Outtakes

Continued custom packaged madness from Geweih Ritual Documents. Sick twisted love child of funk, rock, and your favorite DAW taken past the logical extreme. Sounds like a Spiritual Beggars track played backwards through an NES emulator with the vocals EQ'd out. There is just no standing still on these tapes. Every single moment is a shift in tone, time signature, or instrumentation, and possibly both or all three at once. Don't like it, just wait five seconds, and if you do like it, plenty more on the way. In a big way. Bigger, brighter, and a heck of a lot more aggressive that most everything else I tend to be posting, but I consider that my fault. It's time for your speakers to earn their keep.

Totally over the top fold around covers, custom printing, painting,.. maybe stenciling? I have absolutely no idea how these guys get the finite detail around the skull on Sauce so perfect, but it's just stinkin awesome. Both tapes still available directly from GRD, so support Bradly and his tireless work bringing this stuff to the masses. And for the record, the best Spiritual Beggars album is without question On Fire.

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