Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wolf Fluorescence - There is a Mirk Inside Here Which She Must Tint Brighter or Collapse

Nocturnal, somber, melodic sound collage on Sic Sic Tapes. "There is a Mirk Inside Here Which She Must Tint Brighter or Collapse" is the strongest yet from Wolf Fluorescence. The entire album length release feels like the downloaded scratch pad of metal patient creative genius. It vibrates with the feel of live mic recording. Seemingly, a spontaneous, unrehearsed, journey down an etherial and melancholic path. Unrelated recordings, sounds, and carefully chosen timbres weave into a cohesive whole, dispute their singular uniqueness. The magic trick I most admire in this release is the ability to work between opposing poles of open experimentation, and elegant musical structure. The closing track of side a, "The Glorious Night" challenges the listener with vague washes of ambience and experimentation until giving way to a haunting piece of recorded orchestration. Sounds like a ghostly hand on your shoulder leading you home, or perhaps not home. One of the best yet in '12.

Part of an incredible new six release batch. Unique art for each new tape in the series, pro printed, hand numbered, awesome. Sic Sic is getting quite the reputation of late as an "it" label (see the reviews from my pal Michael over at the Honest Bag) and runs of 85 don't last long, so best to look lively.

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