Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Joshua Bonnetta - American Colour

American Colour from Joshua Bonnetta is a beautiful and conceptually rich ode to the history, unique characteristics, and eventual obsolescence, of the Kodachrome film medium. Musically, visually, and thematically, the entire presentation is exceptional. The sounds, contained both on the DVD, and LP are a complex layered progression of stringed instruments, tape, and what seems to be a mix of feedback and white noise. A bit scientific, and at times melancholy. Worthy, completely, of stand alone release. The visuals juxtapose an evolving series of Kodachrome colour fields against an assortment of carefully edited film segments of landscape and architecture. As a native of the rural midwest, and veteran of many a windswept farm field, and small town lamp post, I found these images and their portrayal in American Colour touching and powerfully nostalgic.

I encourage you to investigate this release for yourself, as I hesitate to comment more fully for fear that my ignorance of film and the concepts surrounding Kodachrome will fail to do justice to the artists' intent.

Housed in a gatefold jacket, with DVD and LP. Released by Senufo Editions, and available from Experimedia.

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