Sunday, August 17, 2014


Six tapes from six excellent labels offered up for grabs no strings attached on a first come first serve basis. A way to say thank you to everyone who spent a moment of their time this year reading about what I've listened to. I've broken them into groups of two to help maintain my sanity a bit.

If you have interest drop me an email at guidemelittletape at gmail dot com and tell me which group you want. I'll try to update as quickly as I can which ones are gone. Feel free to list a few in order of preference if that's your jam. And for goodness sake, if you see/hear something awesome, use the links and go support these artists and labels.

Group #1 Gone to Devon from Sydney, Nova Scotia as of 8/17, Enjoy!
German Army Tassili Plateau - Field Hymns
Decimus Kemunculan - Sango Plasmo

Group #2 Gone to Matthew from Madison, WI as of 8/17, Enjoy!
Black Thread Contemplation/Incompleteness - Turmeric Magnitudes
Ø​+​yn & Uton Solid Geometry and the New Mental Order - Eiderdown Records

Group #3 Gone to Matt as of 8/17, Enjoy!
Hakobune / Sima Kim Split - Ginjoha
Cenote Glow Palmetto Rose - Worn Habit

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Strange Mountain - Inhibitions

Elegant uncomplicated melody from Strange Mountain with Inhibitions on Geology Records. Four tracks (two per side) of bright, brilliant really, startlingly beautiful ambience. Warm multifaceted pads that arc around the ear in these glorious towering curves. As if the entire soundscape is being bent to the will of the composer. Bits of unexpected timbre that feel like horns temper the soundscape with something romantic/mysterious. The front half feels remarkably clean relative to the prior SM catalogue I've heard, while the flip wanders through the same incredibly fuzzy analogue waver I expected. Within the ocean of ambient artists holding down four notes and twisting knobs, this feels wholly original and next level. Whatever it is in life that gives you passion, this is music that will make you regret your time away.

Edition of just 50, clear shells pro imprinted with an almost transparent design. Double sided jcards, wonderful typography selections. Grab direct from Geology Records.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Aaron Dilloway - Siena

Textural experimentation from Aaron Dilloway with Siena as a part of the Tabs Out Subscription Series. Blown out distortion, bit of acoustic guitar, long passages of near silence. Things here range from almost complete deconstruction (both of the sound, and your ears), to subtle field recordings of nothing quite describable. While listening, I liked to imagine that these near silent moments were recordings taken of the sounds of the artist preparing their gear to record. Shuffles of feet, clicks, whirs. Like the performance space was mic'd and the entire take presented as tracks. Of course that may not be true, but heck it was fun to imagine, right? While the tape in it's entirety is anything but quiet, it's the existence and duration of quiet moments adds an element of curiosity and discovery that I rarely find in something that plays in the HNW realm. Killer.

Edition of 29 hand numbered and personalized copies. Black shells with identical label on both sides. Fold around cardboard with gray silk screen printing and silver ink writing. It's a really beautiful package. The bad news is, you could only have gotten if you were a Tabs Out Chrome donor at the time of release. The good news is, it's free digitally. Grab it here.

Charles Barabé - Adieu Fantôme

Hallucinatory onslaught of looping strangeness from Charles Barabé with Adieu Fantôme on ((Cave Recordings)). Pounding organic rhythm balanced against the chaos and discomfort of spinning the AM dial on a remote country road. Broken and decontextualized elements force themselves abruptly into the soundscape creating disagreement and competition between elements. My minds eye humorously pictures a pair of stately gentlemen loudly arguing the finer points of classic Musique Concrète, concurrently playing samples to outdo and disprove the other. Pieces of symphony overwhelmed by fuzzed out tribal drums and glitch. The front half is chaotic, the flip offers something (chanting, echoing drums) more restrained for a while. How exactly a human mind can conceive of marrying such disparate elements into a single recording is beyond me.

Edition of 50, beautiful collage art from Rob on nice thick stock, B&W labels the whole new batch looks great. Grab direct from ((Cave)) here.

Matt Nida - Explorer

Seriously head expanding fusion of hardcore and vintage synth from Matt Nida, with Explorer on Hel Audio. For me, any kind of dance(danceable) music is about production. And production here is beautifully balanced. Balanced in that way that makes you keep turning the volume up and it just keeps sounding better, fuller, and more fun. Raw, rumbling bass, piercing washes of top end. I'm gonna start to make my ignorance of dance and techno very known, but this reminds me of Adam X and Juan Atkins stuff I used to fawn over in the 90's. That punchy kick and warm ultra thick bass. What I really love here, is the juxtaposition of that against some severely alien synth work. Six tracks, and every single one absolutely kills.

Not sure the edition size on this (can't find it listed, maybe you can and tell me?). Really love the aesthetic of the entire Hel Audio catalogue, this included. The imagery, typography, everything feels unique and thoughtful. Double sided single panel, download included. Grab direct from Hel, or stream and purchase at Bandcamp.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Smokey Emery - Soundtracks For Invisibility Vol. III: Qui Mal Y Pense

Heavy mystics from Smokey Emery with Soundtracks For Invisibility Vol. III: Qui Mal Y Pense on Holodeck Records. Visions of ghosts dreaming of shaman that roam the ether between stereo channels. Waking from dreams of firewalking you don't remember, burns on your feet you and can't explain. Indiscernible instrumentation that echoes within a massive shifting soundscape. Layer upon layer of cyclical guitar rumbling and howling recycled and degraded into ash. Alive, raw, looping passages that expand and recede, tighten and restrict. Flickering light and shadow. This is the third in the incredible Soundtracks series on Holodeck, and the most challenging yet.

Edition of 200, pro dubbed on white shells. Double sided 4 panel jcard, download included. Super professional physical product as always. Stream in full and grab from the Holodeck Bandcamp.

Love Letter - Gentle Memories

Static drenched post rock from Love Letter with Gentle Memories on Rok Lok Records. Massive currents of lo fi distortion derived from frantic playing that congeals to form blurry singular crescendos. It's strange and intriguing to see something moving so fast, become something that ultimately feels slow, almost ambient. Two side long tracks. Melody, poignant and strong, sad and beautiful, oozes from every moment. A nostalgic emotional weight that's impossible to ignore. Sounds like a memory so painful you hate to feel it, but so powerful to you that you force yourself to feel it over and over again.

Edition of 50 hand numbered copies. Hand painted labels in a wonderful blue. Stream in full and grab from the Rok Lok Bandcamp.