Saturday, October 18, 2014

Horror Fiction Tapes - HF07 Sindre Bjerga & HF08 German Army

Two new releases available from the in house label Horror Fiction Tapes. Two more artists I'm incredibly excited to have on the label. Thank you to everyone for their support, I cannot express my appreciation enough. Grab these over on the H/F site.

HF07 Sindre Bjerga - Mutual Illusions

Improvised live manipulations from Norwegian composer Sindre Bjerga. Tape recorders, dictaphones, contact mics and microphones all captured raw over three separate performance spaces. Decontextualized samples stretched and scraped across the screaming howling mouth of an uncertain destination. Enlightenment gained in the margins.

Forty five hand assembled copies, professionally dubbed on chrome tape. Inserts duplicated directly on individual pages of a 1967 copy of the novel The Amsirs And The Iron Throne, by Algis Budrys.

HF08 German Army - Socotra Scripture

Caustic ritual suffocation from the mysterious and prolific duo of German Army. Something unknowable, that refuses to remain unknown. Rejections of anonymity. A heaving vomiting awareness of all that has been ignored, purging innocence through sonic abuse. Twelve exhibits, twelve sets of eyes entranced by the flames.

Forty five hand assembled copies, professionally dubbed on chrome tape. Inserts duplicated directly on individual pages of a 1962 copy of the novel The Wizard Of Linn, by A.E. Van Vogt.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Topdown Dialectic - S/T

Rad post everything beats from Topdown Dialectic with a self(un?)titled release on Aught. Plenty of things being written about this one (here and here for example), and all of it deserved. Four tracks of something that sounds like noise, industrial, glitch, and musique concrete all suffering maltreatment from over compression. Thick suffocating thump that's almost out of synch, but just perfectly so. It all crackles, hisses, and just about feels like it's going to fall apart, all while weaving in synth samples and sounds like they're playing in reverse. So dope.

Edition of 100, clear shells, really minimal white imprint, clear poly bag with no art or notes. Crazy minimal. Grab while you can from the Aught Bandcamp.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Grandma Lo-Fi - The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir

Charming and quite unbelievable mix of lo fidelity experimentation from 70 year old Icelandic Sigríður Níelsdóttir with Grandma Lo-Fi: The Basement Tapes of Sigríður Níelsdóttir on Hornbuckle Records. Some of the 21 tracks feel like straight up lounge music one man band type of jams, others like lullabies, others just truly out there. Mad cap creativity given a Casio and a 4 track recorder an no inhibitions. This is (according to the label description), a selection of tracks from a documentary film of the same name, and while I haven't done my research this appears to be an absolutely legit story. I'm still in the process of digesting this almost hour long tape, and am having a ball with it.

Edition of 200 pro dubbed and imprinted on orange. Double sided jcard, complete with track listing and synopsis of the Lo Fi Grandma, because heck if you're going to put out a tape like this, you better explain it right? Grab direct from Hornbuckle.

Bugseed - Some Foods

Mega chill ocean side vibes from Bugseed with Some Foods on Spring Break Tapes. I often lament my credibility in reviewing things with a "beat", and so as a remedy I rely on Joe from SBT to curate incredible stuff like this for me. Picture perfect retro modern beats. A 70's Newport cigarettes ad tapping a Ninja Tune compilation CD with it's bumper going 1mph. Twelve tracks that glow with this warm perfectly compressed thump, overlaid with soupy swirling keys. If the ladies ever get here (they won't), I'm throwing this one on.

Edition of 100 pro dubbed and duplicated. Yellow shells, double sided inserts, digital copy included. Grab direct from Spring Break Tapes.

Seth Graham - Goop

Bizarre and captivating strangeness from Seth Graham with Goop on Noumenal Loom. Sticky, coughsyrupy tendrils of sound. Suffocated drowning choir music. Stop start stutter steps of things that feel slightly glitchy by still quite cohesive and coherent. This is noise, but noise done exceptionally well, where each sound teases, building curiosity for the next. A massive mix of elements all mixed seamlessly. Despite this being really off kilter sounding I couldn't help but grin and feel great listening to this. It's one of those types of tapes. Just a c18, short and sweet.

Pro dubbed and imprinted edition of 100. Grab direct from Noumenal Loom, or stream in full and purchase on the label Bandcamp.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Kot Kot - кунь

Charming swirls of organic instrumentation and manipulated loops. It all sounds quote mysterious and yet completely familiar. Hallucinatory tribal jamming echoing in the distance pulsating to the rhythm of a single drum. Delicate vocals that wander across the soundscape. Bits of decontextualized guitar and assorted found sound juxtaposing it all. There's a communal feeling to this, as through it's the singular thought process of a ecosystem. The combined experience of man and nature. Forest creatures inhabiting the remains of an abandoned city. Squirrels living in side broken radios or something like that. This is a tape for imagining.

Edition of 50 copies in white. Rough brown stock, in a "L" configuration. Not sure if lcards are a thing, but this only covers the spine and doesn't wrap around the back. Very nicely presented liner notes that I can't read at all. I grabbed from Tomentosa who's now out, but you can still snag direct from Jozik

Orphan Fairytale - Happy Birthday

Curious party themed concept album from Orphan Fairytale with Happy Birthday on Stenze Quo. Punchy spiraling patterns that loop, loop, loop, evolving and reinterpreting themselves. Bits of a child singing Happy Birthday. The soundscape is playful and childish, a conceptual match to the physical presentation. While not all of the sounds are percussion per se, this feels very much like patterns programmed using percussion samples and then swapped with different patches played with and then fine tuned. Of course I'm usually way off, but that rhythmic sense dominates the tape. And while not heavy like you might expect from that description, a light driving tempo pulses all over this one. Little bubbling bleeps and bloops. Fun stuff.

Can't find a listed edition size. Red Shells housed in a plastic bag with Happy Birthday insert, postcard, printed liner notes, confetti and a ballon. Have to say, this is the first tape I've gotten with a ballon. I grabbed from Tomentosa who is now out, but it looks like you can still throw a party with Stenze Quo.