Monday, January 26, 2015

Horror Fiction Tapes - HF09 Nikta & HF10 Head Dress

Two new releases available from the in house label Horror Fiction Tapes. Two more artists I'm incredibly excited to have on the label. Thank you to everyone for their support, I cannot express my appreciation enough. Grab these over on the H/F site.

HF09 Nikta - Pulsars Down The Road

Better known as the prolific Fear Konstruktor, Russian artist Nikitia Evsuk introduces a new moniker, Nikta, through which to create mystical extraterrestrial meditations using processed sounds, Synthesizer, and Turkish Saz and Baglama.

Forty five hand assembled copies, professionally dubbed on chrome tape. Inserts duplicated directly on individual pages of a 1974 copy of the novel Mythmaster, by Leo P. Kelly. Ten copies available in high temperature red ink, indicate preference of black/red in Paypal notes, I will do my best to accommodate.

HF10 Head Dress - Mesa

An archival release of 2010 material from Los Angeles based Ted Butler. Howling, chugging riff worship inspired by the ideas and imagery of magic, murder and drug abuse in the old American Southwest.

Forty five hand assembled copies, professionally dubbed on chrome tape. Inserts duplicated directly on individual pages of a 1979 copy of the novel The Survivors, by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Paul Edwin Zimmer.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winding Things Down

Hey Everyone, a quick heads up to readers and submitters, I plan to end GMLT in the next month or two. No exhausting description of why, because there's not a real reason. Just time for a new approach. For an add free blog that doesn't give away downloads I think this thing wasn't half bad, and I credit that to the unbelievable folks who make music 100 copies at a time.

In the mean time, I've got a big backlog of submissions, and I plan to listen to, and post about at least one tape from each and everyone. So, you'll see a few more posts yet.

I have wholeheartedly enjoyed and appreciated being allowed to become a part of this incredible community, and my gratitude towards everyone who supports tangible music is endless. I hope to start a new project very soon, and if/when that happens I'll post a link. -Brian

Saturday, January 3, 2015

UltraaBriight - Roue de Fortune

The drawing and connecting of lines from UltraaBriight with Roue de Fortune on Orange Milk Records. A torrent of loops and samples, anxious and uncertain, being magnetized together and contextualized. Disconnected elements (airport ambience, skittering percussion, ragged fuzz, horns) imbued with meaning through proximity with complimentary pieces. Listening through the chaotic and precisely placed nuance of this soup created an uncomfortableness for me. An onslaught of misfit sounds that alone would feel like tires without a car, keys without a keyboard. And without that central tether, all of it is given new life together, challenging and enlightening. The mix here is what I find particularly interesting. That all these pieces can existing simultaneously, and rather than compete for space be audible, clear, and available for examination within the audial space. Seven tracks split over two sides of more than 30 minutes of sound.

Pro dubbed blue shells with yellow imprint. Single panel reversible full color jcard featuring alternate artwork. Grab direct from Orange Milk, or stream in full and purchase via Bandcamp.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Matthew Akers - Bayern

This jams so hard. Slinky retro futurist VHS hallucinations from Matthew Akers with Bayern on Musica Originale. Somewhere between the soundtrack to Halloween and Streets of Rage 2, you've got 30 minutes of mid tempo synth jams just ripping with thick malicious timbre. Fat rumbling baselines that sound straight out of the cabinet of a 32 bit Neo Geo arcade machine. The whole thing is beautifully paced, balancing ambient passages with up tempo pieces, making each single side long track feel satisfyingly structured and diverse. There are a ton more Akers releases on Bandcamp of which I will now listen/purchase/obsess.

Edition of 100 on blue shells, with a double sided single panel jcard. Stream in full and purchase the physical at the artist Bandcamp.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Not A Top Ten List 2014 (Freebies!)

In lieu of the traditional Best Of/Year End/Top Ten list, here are ten excellent releases from ten excellent labels, all offered up for grabs no strings attached on a first come first serve basis. A way to say thank you to everyone who spent a moment of their time this year reading about what I've listened to. I've broken them into groups of two to help maintain my sanity a bit.

If you have interest drop me an email at guidemelittletape at gmail dot com. I'll try to update as quickly as I can which ones are gone. Feel free to list a few in order of preference if that's your jam. And for goodness sake, if you see/hear something awesome, use the links and go support these artists and labels.

Group #1 Gone to Bruce from Austin, TX as of 12/24. Enjoy!
Dura Silver/Lawns - Wounded Knife
Topdown Dialectic ​/\​\​02 - Aught

Group #2 Gone to Adam from Santa Fe, NM as of 12/24. Enjoy!
Final Cop Lieutenant John Pike - Jehu & Chinaman
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson Sun Of Late Afternoon - Hanson Records

Group #3 Gone to Matthew as of 12/26. Enjoy!
Dark Half Moon Through Dark Trees - Third Kind Records
Sound Out Light Ornamental Skies - Sacred Phrases

Group #4 Gone to Aaron from Rochester, NY as of 12/24. Enjoy!
Mister Matthews 10 Cuba Libres - 905 Tapes
Social Drag New Age Healer - Stunned Records

Group #5 Gone to Dylan from Iowa City, IA as of 12/24. Enjoy!
Esther Chlorine Penumbra - Of Plants
Foodman Drum Desu - Noumenal Loom

Monday, December 22, 2014

Witchbeam - Tales of the Ghede Zodiac

Foreboding oscillation from Witchbeam with Tales Of The Ghede Zodiac on 905 Tapes. Waves of sickeningly thick synth, ripping around in circles. Drum patterns on hypnotic delay, reverberating recitation of what sounds like S&M experiences or some kind of documentary of ritual torture. Evil and playful, like your torturer enjoying himself. Five tracks of raw sound split over two sides, quite minimal in their construction but imbued with a sense of narrative. Ugly, disgusting, and for a post industrial freak, altogether quite awesome. Blindfold me and I'd have pegged this for the Posh Isolation or Hospital Productions catalogues. I think this might be my favorite tape of the year.

Full color double sided inserts. Even though in the photo the shell may look blank, there's a large dark imprint on clear purple. Looks like Tomentosa is still stocking at least one copy, or stream in full and purchase digitally at the 905 Bandcamp.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Strategy - Cerebral Hut AKA Off the Grid

Interwoven metallic soundscapes from Strategy with Cerebral Hut AKA Off the Grid on Field Hymns. A live, one take performance from 2014, and a relatively dramatic departure from the LP release Pressure Wassure, which you may recall I enjoyed. Whereas that release thumps and skitters around your headphone space, this 4 track c-30 wags around thick noisy slabs, supplanting melody with intrigue. A mysterious mechanical, almost metallic world of the unexpected. Whirring, whirling, clicking, growling. Sounds like a planetarium being sucked into a black hole and reconstructed in a parallel universe.

Edition of 75 hand numbered pro dubbed and imprinted copies on red. Digital copy included. Grab direct from Field Hymns.