Monday, December 8, 2014

Sashash Ulz - Fyodor Norvegov

Curiousness from Sashash Ulz with Fyodor Norvegov on Ukrainian label Swollen Beam. Bleeping squeals, rhythmic bloops that whir. Bangs and wiggles, probably a pitch shifted frog. Raw, distorted off kilter strangeness. Describing this feels silly, which is why I love it. Unknown sounds that challenge you to know them. I swear on the flip there is an honest to god head nodding break down. And there is a rock n roll jam that sounds like a 33 played at 45. So. much. fun!

Edition of 50 on black shells. Nice thick card stock with a whimsical handwritten/drawn vibe. I grabbed from Tomentosa, also available direct from Swollen Beam.

Charles Barabé - Dates + Confessions

Depth, like you just don't come across often courtesy of Charles Barabé with Dates + Confessions on Tranquility Tapes. Menacing, exceptionally massive and beautiful synth timbres, thick haunting vocoder, garbled spoken word that seems to be reciting dating profile details. If I were to bet on that description, I place chips on a complete mess, but this is NOT. From all of this, comes something that feels so incredibly singular. The emotion of human kind all at once, or something like that. Some of the stuff on the back half had me just about weeping synth tears, notes piercing through recordings of people describing their positive attributes selling their humanity to humanity. I don't know if it's supposed to be sad, but boy I took it that way.

Edition of 100 beautifully presented pro dubbed and printed. Sold out from the label, I was honestly shocked to find a copy at Tomentosa, who has on in stock as of 12/8 at 8:18. Given that this just grabbed #1 at the on the Tabs Out top 200 of '14, you better act fast.

Monday, October 27, 2014

øjeRum - There Is a Flaw In My Iris

Archival release of delicate guitar and vocal from øjeRum with There Is A Flaw In My Iris on A Giant Fern. Eight tracks recorded in in 06/07, Fragile sounds. Melancholy at times, but given a more studied listen, really quite moving and joyous in an odd understated kind of way. Beautiful touches abound, subtle layering of vocals that whisper on top and around each other, hissing tape underpinning sparse and effective acoustic guitar. Curious, not quite like much else and in a wonderful way. Favorite track, most certainly Matka

Edition of 50, split into three unique covers featuring collage art by the artist. It's a beautifully minimal presentation. Grab direct from A Giant Fern.

Uton / I Am Just a Pupil / My Bizarre Bayuk - Split

Massive double CD three way split slab of drone from Uton, I Am Just Pupil, and My Bizarre Bayuk on S.I.N.K. CDs. There's a ton of material here, mostly working in the vein of hazy distorted vagaries. I won't attempt to capture everything on offer in my usual 4 sentences, instead just dig on these samples, it's an easy 90 minutes of absolute through the floor tripping.

Edition of just 32 in a DVD style case. Black and white collage art. I grabbed from Tomentosa a while back. This one ain't exactly knew, and it's long gone, but can still stream in full and purchase the digital from the S.I.N.K Bandcamp.

Bus Gas - Snake Hymns

Piercing melodic ambience from Bus Gas, with Snake Hymns on Spring Break Tapes. Big, shadowy melodic washes, rumbles, fuzzy circular drones. Like a continuation of the last two Bus Gas tapes I've heard, but completely unique. Man, this stuff feels absolutely alive. The timbres, and the combination of textures is just off the charts. Snatches of desert rock, glitched electronics, who knows? It's a hypnotic wall of smoke a mile wide. It's a rainstorm rolling across the horizon. Devastatingly beautiful stuff. Dig.

Hand numbered edition of 100, double sided full color inserts, pro dubbed and imprinted with download code included. Grab direct from Spring Break Tapes.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Horror Fiction Tapes - HF07 Sindre Bjerga & HF08 German Army

Two new releases available from the in house label Horror Fiction Tapes. Two more artists I'm incredibly excited to have on the label. Thank you to everyone for their support, I cannot express my appreciation enough. Grab these over on the H/F site.

HF07 Sindre Bjerga - Mutual Illusions

Improvised live manipulations from Norwegian composer Sindre Bjerga. Tape recorders, dictaphones, contact mics and microphones all captured raw over three separate performance spaces. Decontextualized samples stretched and scraped across the screaming howling mouth of an uncertain destination. Enlightenment gained in the margins.

Forty five hand assembled copies, professionally dubbed on chrome tape. Inserts duplicated directly on individual pages of a 1967 copy of the novel The Amsirs And The Iron Throne, by Algis Budrys.

HF08 German Army - Socotra Scripture

Caustic ritual suffocation from the mysterious and prolific duo of German Army. Something unknowable, that refuses to remain unknown. Rejections of anonymity. A heaving vomiting awareness of all that has been ignored, purging innocence through sonic abuse. Twelve exhibits, twelve sets of eyes entranced by the flames.

Forty five hand assembled copies, professionally dubbed on chrome tape. Inserts duplicated directly on individual pages of a 1962 copy of the novel The Wizard Of Linn, by A.E. Van Vogt.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Topdown Dialectic - S/T

Rad post everything beats from Topdown Dialectic with a self(un?)titled release on Aught. Plenty of things being written about this one (here and here for example), and all of it deserved. Four tracks of something that sounds like noise, industrial, glitch, and musique concrete all suffering maltreatment from over compression. Thick suffocating thump that's almost out of synch, but just perfectly so. It all crackles, hisses, and just about feels like it's going to fall apart, all while weaving in synth samples and sounds like they're playing in reverse. So dope.

Edition of 100, clear shells, really minimal white imprint, clear poly bag with no art or notes. Crazy minimal. Grab while you can from the Aught Bandcamp.