Sunday, February 1, 2015

Driftmachine - Eis Heauton

Beautfully clean, open synth constructions from Driftmachine with Eis Heauton on Umor Rex. Pristine massively reverberating low frequency. The flip side opener Sunlit Reverie with it's repeated foundational baseline that goes wawawawa buuuummmmm. Absolutely stunning timbres that pierce right through you. Something about this feels so incredibly haunting. Made by machines but not mechanical. Alive. Alive like the living breathing space craft of science fiction. Bleeping skittering patterns that pervade the entire recording creating a continuous sense of discovery and narrative. Even the patch cables had to know they were a part of something special on this one.

Edition of 120 hand numbered copies. Neon green shells and liner notes housed in a matching screen printed cardboard outer. Digital copy include. Check out all things Umor Rex, stream in full at the label Bandcamp, and order the physical from the excellent Thrill Jockey.

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