Sunday, February 1, 2015

Jackie Mcdowell - Language Of The Birds

Naturalist rituals from Jackie Mcdowell with Language Of The Birds on Chicago imprint Hairy Spider Legs. Seven tracks, each displaying a carefully stitched quality. Instruments used almost as fabric to construct a wider environment of sound. The ache of electric organ timbre, the jangle of mountain dulcimer, the vocal delivered in a patient purposeful manner weaves into the wider dynamic with instrumental quality. Each track exists like a hypnosis inducing chant swirling the ear, driving ever deeper. Under the influence of a good pair of Grado's the second side opener Hats Off To (Hal) Borland sucks all air from the room with a persistent and ever thickening melody. Open your ears to open your eyes.

Blue shells with full color double sided inserts, download code included. Can't seem to find an edition size on this one, but one can assume we're in the 100ish range here. Grab the physical direct from Hairy Spider Legs.

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