Sunday, February 1, 2015

Monte Burrows - Fantasy Living

Haunting and truly uncomfortable tape collage from Monte Burrows with Fantasy Living on Spring Break Tapes. So let me clarify uncomfortable. This is thoroughly enjoyable listen, that provides the listener no comfort, no safe haven within which to focus attention. Whirling, clattering machinery, sombre melody that loops in a slightly less than rhythmic cadence. Spoken word samples, instrumentation that sounds clipped directly from a 1940's cinema house. An ancient fragile soundscape rendered and interpreted mechanically. The square peg of old movie film feed into the round hole of digital 1's and 0's. The whole thing warbles and garbles with magnificent low fidelity. Strange and mysterious, odd and beautiful.

Edition of 100 copies on clear shells with mesmerizing tape squiggle. Grab direct from Spring Break Tapes.

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