Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wet Eyes - Clepto Journals

Organic, naturalistic sounds compliments of Wet Eyes, with Clepto Journals on Jozik Records. Delicate layers of electric guitar and stringed instruments in various states of treatment, complimented by occasional mid tempo percussion. Sort of a deconstructed and re-imagined post-post-rock. Hypnotic,lush, and remarkably tranquil. Ideal audial accompaniment for thoughtful days in the warm spring breeze. Grabbed my walkman, laid back on a pillow of green moss and gazed upward through pine boughs at the passing clouds.

The entire new batch remains available directly from Jozik, although with runs of as few as 40 tapes, I can't imagine that situation will continue for long. Charming cloth sleeves and matching liner notes.

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