Saturday, May 5, 2012

Steve Kenney - Dawn Widow

Powerful and ominous C20 from Steve Kenney, in the shape of Dawn Widow on Imminent Frequencies. Assisted by the incredible j-card, I envisioned falling asleep on an road trip that never seems to end. That moment where you waver between sleep and awake at an unknown hour of the morning. When you head jerks heavily in and out of dreams, and somehow you sense that time has begun to stand still.

Side A hallucinates with thick propulsory synth lines that circle and evolve like ghostly visions inside closed eyelids. The flip side counterbalances the eerie insanity with seething distorted energy. A vicious tide of swirling feedback and gritty noise. Like the tentative mental instability of A being thrown aside in favor of the resulting anger. Given the constraints of a mere C20, Dawn Widow achieves an impressive level of progression and variation. Extremely thoughtful stuff.

Purchased via the distro nirvana of Discriminate, and also available along with several other releases directly from Imminent Frequencies.

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