Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bob Blaize, Jeph Jerman, Travis Johnson - Sky Bells

Expansive C60 from the trio of Bob Blaize, Jeph Jerman, and Travis Johnson, with Sky Bells on Avant Archive. A stunning journey through percussion, drone, and a mix of field recordings. Beautiful hypnotic chimes that draw the listener in slowly, inviting upwards, combining with carefully chosen timbres, designed to enrapture the ear into joyous celebration of the natural vibration of the world.

As I approach a near meditative state around the 1/4th mark of Sky Bells I’m surrounded by delicate chimes, bells, and a hazy swirl of vocal. I can’t help but contemplate, that we as humans are not creators of sound, but organizers of that which exists around us. Each strike of a bell in this recording sets forth a vibration predetermined by nature. Not created by man, but inherent in the very laws of the earth since the beginning of time. I reminisce back to a beautiful little rock cairn I discovered, left upon a hill top by a previous hiker. Much as the creator of that cairn organized existing elements into a human creation that reaches upwards to the sky, so to do the composers of Sky Bells arrange the vibrations of nature into a spiritually uplifting experience. I simply cannot praise highly enough.

Unbelievably, this is still available from Avant Archive. I was introduced to this wonderful release by my fellow musical traveler, Michael from the Honest Bag. Thank you Michael!

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