Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thousand Foot Whale Claw - Lost In Those Dunes

The second release from new comer label Holo Deck is a super focused 2 track synth slow burner. Lost In Those Dunes, from Thousand Foot Whale Claw is just a touch over 20 minutes in length, and uses every bit of it to build layer over layer with massive synth melodies and guitar work. Overwhelming spaced out madness sinking into a bottomless pit of tar, then rising to the cosmos. Most undoubtedly a drone release, yet somehow a touch space rock and a touch desert rock. Side A plays closer to the vest, building a simple rhythm to a towering height, while the flip diversifies with a emotive melodic journey. Nice cohesion through the entire tape and possibly the coolest project name ever. New label, new tape, really good.

I purchased from Discriminate. The entire 4 tape batch is still available there, and directly from Holo Deck.

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