Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jah Connery / Palo Verde / Cinder Cone on Geweih Ritual

Audio and visual madness from new custom art wizards and tape label Geweih Ritual Documents. Twisted beat work compliments of Jah Connery, with Killa Tape. 13 tracks of thick nasty beat scene vibes, enclosed in the sickest mummified hand graphic possible. Compelling sound collage mixed with smooth swagger and eerie melodic elements. I think the Zombies that have been chasing you home stopped off to twist a few knobs on their blood soaked controller.

Palo Verde and Cinder Cone share a split cassette which actually tops the complexity of the Jah Connery packaging, with a fold out enclosure, complete with stitched graphic, and hand painted cardboard cases. Both sides of the tape consist of fuzzed out, progressive, genre bending metal. Palo Verde works wonders with walls of noise caked guitar work, heavy riffing, and frantic improvised drumming. On the flip, Cinder Cone channels an up tempo post rock approach. Propelling the sounds forward with waves of melodic riffing, and an engaging sense of improvisation, before breaking into a whirlwind of percussion to close the tape.

If you like your tape scene flooded with improvisational hypercolor metal and sick off-kilter hip hop, I recommend you order the physicals directly from Geweih. All 4 current releases are in stock in a choice of colors, along with a free download from their newest artist.

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