Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nuojuva - Otavaiset Otsakkaha

Soothing, uplifting, naturalistic stuff from the latest moniker of Ous Mal, Nuojuva, on Hooker Vision. Ghostly vocals, delicate layers of synth and guitar, soft chimes, and electronics that bubble and flow like spring ice melt. Reminds me of "Drift" from Adham Shaikh and Tim Floyd, with it's sense of warmth and character. Otavaiset Otsakkaha walks deep into lush green woods, looks up at the sun, smiles, and breathes deeply of the air. It is an impossibility to feel worse for having heard this tape.

I grabbed my walkman and summited the sun bathed hill to the best vantage point at Hawk Mountain. Tape and trail a perfect partnership.

I purchased from Discriminate, but they appear to be out of stock as does the label. Check around or keep your fingers crossed for a restock.


  1. excellent tape! Tomentosa still has copies:

    1. Agreed! Hope nobody sleeps on this tape. Ous Mal stuff doesn't last long.

      Thanks duderino!

    2. I like it as well. Everything Olli touches turns to clouds.