Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lightning Strike Lightning - Creepy Power

Refreshing, clear, overwhelmingly emotive passages of ambient electronics, drone, and organic instrumentation. Lightning Strike Lightning are absolutely stunning with Creepy Power on Digitalis. Chimes, melody, and vibes of eastern influence seem to float in pools of ghostly vocal and thick buzzing guitar work. The tape is varied and progressional from front to back, traversing peaks of accessible, almost pop structures, and delving deep into droning hallucinogenic ambience. Images of a Tibeten monk creating tape loops for a shoegaze band somehow see relevant here. As with all the Digitalis releases, the quality here is really sharp. Full color J Cards and incredible sound.

I purchased from Discriminate, along with several others from the last official Digitalis batch and that glorious white box was ascending my front steps in just two days.

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