Saturday, December 20, 2014

Strategy - Cerebral Hut AKA Off the Grid

Interwoven metallic soundscapes from Strategy with Cerebral Hut AKA Off the Grid on Field Hymns. A live, one take performance from 2014, and a relatively dramatic departure from the LP release Pressure Wassure, which you may recall I enjoyed. Whereas that release thumps and skitters around your headphone space, this 4 track c-30 wags around thick noisy slabs, supplanting melody with intrigue. A mysterious mechanical, almost metallic world of the unexpected. Whirring, whirling, clicking, growling. Sounds like a planetarium being sucked into a black hole and reconstructed in a parallel universe.

Edition of 75 hand numbered pro dubbed and imprinted copies on red. Digital copy included. Grab direct from Field Hymns.

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