Saturday, June 28, 2014

Strategy - Pressure Wassure

Vintage Hardcore sidestepped and reinterpreted from Strategy with Pressure Wassure on Peak Oil. Crisp, crystal clear mix. Raw synth lines that blast across the top of thick punctuating percussion. Snares are nice and crunchy, bass lines heave and rumble. With almost zero knowledge of the personalities, projects, and scenes that comprise anything really related to "beats", I pretty much just rely on the ear test to determine the quality and worth of something. It's strangely liberating lacking that type of context. I'm free enjoy without any idea if I should enjoy. And I really like this. Hard but not heavy, space but not spacey, danceable but not dance. It's repetitious, but only in the sense that repeating elements are constructed as a framework to draw you in, while new pieces introduce themselves and form layers. I was certain I had to own this when the track Osmosis hit the 1:53 mark.

Edition of 300 with incredible fuzzy red flock printing of the entire thing, title, art and logo. It's an incredible high definition effect that I've not seen used before. Everything else is extremely clean, black vinyl in a plain white sleeve. Grab direct from Peak Oil.

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