Friday, June 27, 2014

Olli Aarni - Yötaivas

Frayed, patchwork compositions from Olli Aarni with Yötaigas from Crummy Kids Recordings. Whereas the rest of Aarni's work has always held a feeling of weightlessness, this feels heavier, harsh, even a bit dark. A foundation of tattered layers are established creating a tactile hand constructed feel. Currents of static undulate, circling the ear, bringing a rhythmic cadence to what would otherwise be a churning morass of ambient warble. The soundscape has a rich depth of character, emotional, almost as if elements are considering themselves along the way. Two side long tracks on a c40. Per the label, this has been out since January and is somehow still not sold through. I am almost ashamed of us. Get on it experimental ambient types with expendable income.

Edition of 99, full color eight panel double sided collage art jcard (you know that much ink ain't cheap), orange shells, pink Norelco. Really nice job pulling the color together on this one. It's a lot and it really works. Grab direct as I did from Crummy Kids.

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