Monday, July 7, 2014

Auburn Lull - Hiber

Cycles of hypnotic reoccurrence from Auburn Lull with Hiber on Geographic North. Swirling patterns that travel across your audial field of vision like so much glimmering sunlight, with each pass gathering subtleties. Elements reoccour, building upon subtle vagaries until minimalist passages become tides of soft and overwhelming symphony. Overwhelming not in volume, but in melodic quality, and symphonic in that each movement, each element allowed to participate, feels centered on the interplay of live instrumentation rather than the undulation of a synthetic wave of 1's and 0's. Freedom that allows the whole thing to feel like it exists of it's own choosing and volition. Humble, approachable, a gentle work that doesn't demand your attention, but rewards it.

Full color jcard printed front and back on shimmering stock, pro dubbed on blue shells in an edition of 100. It's an interesting design concept to use the font of the tape as a track listing, almost as you would expect the back to be,.. but it really works. Clean and practical. I personally played around with reversing the insert and using the flowered print on the inside as the out, which really looks nice too. This looks to be sold out from Geographic North, but you can still stream the whole thing here.

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