Monday, July 7, 2014

Catherine Lamb - Matter/Moving

Grabbed this one as a blind buy on the recommendation of a very trusted source, and right off the bat I knew I was in for a fantastic challenge. Matter/Moving from Catherine Lamb on Winds Measure Recordings is four interpretations of one piece, recorded in unique spaces. Each performance makes up an entire side of the 2xcs with a total running time of over 90 minutes. Three performers on bass, oscillator, and trombone making (I'm a layperson so forgive this horrible description) an incredibly singular sound that weaves and transforms a wave of tonality. At times it all feels conflicted with itself, at others perfectly compatible. My favorite moments happen when it seems like the oscillator begins to devour the sound, sucking it into a warble and then spitting it back out. I found this document to be a fascinating accompaniment to the recording. Challenging and academic, for the adventurous.

Absolutely some of the best physical presentation I've seen for a cassette release. A pair of pro dubbed and imprinted tapes housed in a pair of cardboard wraps. An inner wrap holding both tapes snug, printed and letter-pressed liner notes, housed in an outer wrap also letter-pressed. Wonderful use throughout the entire package of font, color, and scale.

Couldn't locate a sample to imbed I'm afraid, but please do give a listen here.

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