Sunday, July 27, 2014

Baldruin – Im Delirium

Sombre, ecclectic slasher flick soundtrack type stuff from Baldruin with Im Delirium on Wounded Knife. And to be more precise, this isn't for the part of the slasher movie where people get hacked to bits. It's for that moment right after, when their friends rush into the room, find them in pieces and share a tearful macabre final moment. It feels like the after effect of terror, or maybe the space around it, but not "it" exactly. And I think to achieve something like that, it's about choosing the right elements to include, and to leave. This feels a lot that way. The absence of a single dominant piece where the listener navigates the soundscape their engagement acting as that element. Sparse notes, understated horns, chimes, soft mumbles, all underpinned by solid, heartbreaking melody. Creepy cool.

Edition of 50, incredible b/w eight panel double sided jcard. Prison shells with a single circular adhesive denoting the front side. I've gotten my hands on a few Wounded Knife tapes, and the design execution just keeps getting better. Grab direct from Wounded Knife.

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