Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sparkling Wide Pressure - Manifestation of Magi

Unnerving and reflective guitar and noise manipulations from Sparkling Wide Pressure with Manifestations of Magi on Kimberly Dawn. I almost feel like jury member who needs to recuse himself from a trial with the name of this blog an obvious indication of my longstanding appreciation for the work of Frank Baugh's Sparkling Wide Pressure moniker. Absolutely breathtaking tracks that play somewhere between ambient, noise, folk, and primitive americana. Undulating, sometimes chaotic synth and percussion balanced against delicate guitar and vocal. At points it all threatens to overtake itself, the damaged, rusted elements breaking apart. At others elements exist like ghostly whips in the air. It's the ability to meet those to opposing poles, and even congeal them into a single sound that I find particularly captivating. Seven tracks, so damn varied you'd almost thing this a compilation.

Edition of 50 5" CD-R's. Letters SWP stamped directly on the CD itself, mine came with a b/w photo included. I have no idea how this is still available, but it is, directly from Kimberly Dawn.

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