Sunday, August 3, 2014

German Army - S/T

Minimalist industrial deconstruction from German Army on Trapdoor Tapes. Not exactly sure if this is self titled, untitled, or otherwise... or if it really even matters. A lot of what you'd expect from the extremely prolific German Army project. Deconstructed because it feels like tearing down the tropes of Industrial, discarding the pomp it became and embracing the visciously counter culture aesthetic it intended. Claustrophobic, jagged compositions, slightly off kilter percussion overlapped by harsh oscillation. 12 tracks that move with patience, creeping and lurching stalking deliberately through the soundscape. Occasional vocals that seems to create a detached narrative, sounding to me not so much a participant in the recordings as an observer of them. Everything feels crammed right up against you, subtly eroding comfort, slyly introducing new and unexpected samples and instrumentations until you've stopped trying to make sense of it all.

Edition of 50 on black shells, photocopy collage jcard in b/w. Very minimal physical product that associates perfectly with the vibe on this one. Grab direct from Trapdoor Tapes.

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