Monday, December 22, 2014

Witchbeam - Tales of the Ghede Zodiac

Foreboding oscillation from Witchbeam with Tales Of The Ghede Zodiac on 905 Tapes. Waves of sickeningly thick synth, ripping around in circles. Drum patterns on hypnotic delay, reverberating recitation of what sounds like S&M experiences or some kind of documentary of ritual torture. Evil and playful, like your torturer enjoying himself. Five tracks of raw sound split over two sides, quite minimal in their construction but imbued with a sense of narrative. Ugly, disgusting, and for a post industrial freak, altogether quite awesome. Blindfold me and I'd have pegged this for the Posh Isolation or Hospital Productions catalogues. I think this might be my favorite tape of the year.

Full color double sided inserts. Even though in the photo the shell may look blank, there's a large dark imprint on clear purple. Looks like Tomentosa is still stocking at least one copy, or stream in full and purchase digitally at the 905 Bandcamp.

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