Saturday, December 20, 2014

Black Mountain Transmitter - Deathdream! Live In Edinburgh

Nightmarish meditations from Black Mountain Transmitter with Deathdream! Live In Edinburgh on Lysergic Earwax. Two side long tracks recorded (as you would imagine), live at The Outer Church on 11/25/13 in Edinburgh. Walls of hugely echoing guitar and fuzz, swirling in a suffocating haze. Incredibly dense, powerfully thick. Dark ambience, drone, noise, not exactly sure what sub sub sub genre to suggest this within, so I'll say all of them. As with previous BMS releases, heavy elements perfectly manifest the ominous, noise elements the horrific, ambient elements to emotional. And of course all of it together, well, a single terrifying whole. Killer stuff.

Hand numbered edition of 25 hand made copies. Beautiful silkscreened double slipcase packaging. The physical appears to be sold out, but can be streamed in full and purchased digitally at the Lysergic Earwax Bandcamp.

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