Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mooninite - Soda

Mooninite creates the kind of concept album that requires full commitment, both from the artist, and the listener. Soda on Hel Audio is exactly what the name implies, a tape about Soda. Soda samples, soda song titles, soda sounds. The smoothest, crispest mid tempo beats and arpeggiated melodies, laced with the percussion of ice in a glass, the hiss of bubbles, and vocal snippets of people discussing soda. It all might sound a bit gimmicky except for the fact that the musical quality is absolutely top notch. It's an intersection of silliness and skill that just absolutely works. Nine tracks that will have you laid back nodding your head and feeling thirsty. I can't help but wonder if a variant was considered for for us folks in Michigan called "pop".

Punctuating the concept, physical copies are available in nine flavors (mine is Cherry). Purchase direct from Hel, or stream in full and grab via Bandcamp along with (appropriately) a can koozie sharing the album artwork.

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