Saturday, March 1, 2014

Strange Mountain - Forgiveness

Heads up on a pair of releases (see below for the second) in the new batch out on Ginjoha. First up, lush and expansive dreamscapes from Strange Mountain with Forgiveness. Indeed as the title would indicate, this selection of tracks offers the beauty one might expect in an ambient release, but tempered with a very measured sense of reservation and thoughtful contemplation. The kind of emotional peace hard won at the ultimate realization of letting go. Perhaps I'm seeing to literally into these tracks. At their surface these are enjoyed easily as meditation music, but I think there is more here. Not just the act and appreciation of meditation but the rewards of a life spent focused on mindfulness and acceptance. Broad wavering lines of synth, softly incorporated found sound. Purity.

Edition of 75, full color inserts complimented by slightly transparent labels. You can grab it as I did along with the rest of a fantastic 4 tape batch directly from Ginjoha.

No sound sample I'm afraid, please head to the label for a clip!

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