Sunday, March 2, 2014

Junior Pande - The Red Tape

Through the course of posting about the first three numbered Junior Pande tapes, I've had the chance to describe the work of Justin Peroff quite a bit. His latest, and the first outside of a numbered sequence on Spring Break Tapes, is The Red Tape, and it continues much in the same evolutionary vein as those first three. A genre less boundary crashing mix up of beat styles. Perhaps this time things feel a bit more controlled and less chopped. Track remain plentiful, and lengths short and rapid fire. But, with that familiar mechanic, I'm finding tracks that veer a little more towards dance influence and bit less hip hop banger. It's a more controlled blend, but no less effective and still full of such surprising twists and turns that a smile crept across my face more than once. The mix still breaths with heavy compression as bass hits suck all the air out of your lungs and then push it back in with a tide of synth, but now structured and integrated with increased focus. Raw, controlled, just a hell of a lot of fun.

Packaging on this is so sick and so detailed. Edition of 50 unlabeled red shells housed in an individually numbered hand stamped ocard with section of photographs and a bit of paint. From what I can tell, each tape in the edition has unique photos. Along with the tape, a zine full of photos from the artist, a pin and a sticker are all included. This was no doubt a monster undertaking and it presents wonderfully. Grab direct from Spring Break Tapes!

Junior Pande — Liberty After by springbreaktapes

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