Saturday, March 1, 2014

Andreas Brandal - The Nightmare Note

Next up in this two part (see above for the first) Ginjoha update, is a maze of chaotic elements from tape scene veteran Andres Brandal, with The Nightmare Note. Howling, chugging, swirling noise that remains completely musical, and totally engrossing. I can't tell you how excited I was to see a new release crop up somewhere from Brandal. His maturity as an artist is easily apparent, the way complex layered elements of all moods and tones melt seamlessly into single compositions. I find many artists can do "pretty" sounds, and many can do, "harsh", but a very few can do both in a single release. A points, this feels ambient and light, and at others mechanical and overwhelming, but it always returns to a center balance between opposing poles. This is another level. Can't recommend this highly enough to fans of both sides of that spectrum.

Limited to 75 copies on sparkly silver. Printed labels, single sided full color inserts. Very tastefully presented. Grab direct from Ginjoha.

No sound sample I'm afraid, please head to the label for a clip!

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