Saturday, March 1, 2014

Metatag - Transmission

Sparse, lonely analog synth from Metatag, with Transmission, on Hel Audio. This is serious timbre sweetness. And I mean that. In a way that's almost silly, because I talk about timbre a lot around here. It's that emotional response to the shape and texture of a sound wave. These are beautiful. Full, robust, gently undulating sounds, pulling an response from the listener that's both emotionally close, and distantly menacing. Absolutely sick bass lines that just snarl out from the speaker wrapping around arpeggiated lines. Twenty tracks spread over a massive sixty minutes. You kind of get lost in all of it, the tracks bleeding together overwhelming you. There's a little grit in here, blunting the edges of both warm and cold. Sounds like the Zelda underworld made you feel in 6th grade.

Crisp, simple physical presentation that perfectly fits the vibe. White stickered shells, double sided grey and white jcard. Grab the tape or stream the whole thing on Bandcamp, and check Hel Audio for more details.

Metatag - Antidote by Hel Audio

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