Monday, February 17, 2014

Orphan Fairytale - My Favorite Fairytale

Hallucinatory music box daydreams from Orphan Fairytale with My Favorite Fairytale on Aguirre Records. Double LP, four massive side of these tiny slick little bee swarms of light, playful loops. From the label description, this looks to be a compilation re-release of previously scattered material. The only adjective that seems to fit these discs is "twinkling", in that these tracks, have a spriteful impish sense about them. Sometimes gorgeously simple and beautiful, others a little bit wicked and challenging. It's that kind of release where none of the instrumentation seems like anything in particular, either a synth, a live instrument, or possibly some home made automaton construct of both, but it all feels completely alive and unexpected. Loops, joining, matching, mismatching, intersecting somewhere between outer space and a castle made of lollipops. Seriously otherworldly ambient trip.

Absolutely can't miss physical product. Edition of 500 on black vinyl, super high gloss double width jacket, poly lined sleeves, full sized liner notes. I grabbed direct from Aguirre.

Orphan Fairytale - Dragons Of The Deep (excerpt) by AguirreRecords Orphan Fairytale - Neverending Waves (excerpt) by AguirreRecords

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