Sunday, February 9, 2014

Angelo Harmsworth - Fluxus Rainbow

Heads up on a pair (see below for the second) of killer releases from Patient Sounds. The first, blissed ambient warmth from Angelo Harmsworth with Fluxus Rainbow. Two side long tracks of some of the purest, biggest movements you will ever hear. Elongated notes that bend and twist reflecting light and texture. Occasional changes that remove and introduce elements almost imperceptibly. Harmsworth has this way about making complex worlds of melody that feel like one singular note played indefinitely. Sounds like a church organ playing sunshine at the ocean to keep company with the seagulls.

Edition of fifty. Clean understated physical product. Clear unlabeled shells. I grabbed mine from Patient Sounds who appears to be sold out. For now, stream in full and purchase the digital on the label Bandcamp, and keep eyes on Tomentosa for distro copies.

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