Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dura - Altered Resonance

The second (see above for the first) in this two part Patient Sounds update, comes from Dura, with Altered Resonance. A soft glow of slowly oscillating drones that weave between poles, eventually being defined by delicately played acoustic guitar. It's a patiently developing, lovely soundscape that gently draws the ear closer. Low tones that muffle your ears desire to seek outside the limited palate of tones, creating deep almost hypnotic focus on the crisp folk acoustic. The flip plays with what feels like country and western vibes creating a windswept panoramic of high country desert. Feels simple, but somehow endlessly massive. Sounds like a Terrence Malick film about American Primitivism and the enormity of the universe.

Edition of 50, looks like we're already sold out at Patient Sounds, but still available both from the the excellent Tomentosa and direct from the artist, by emailing Mattson at the email address on his Bandcamp Page.

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