Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beard Closet / Primate Pyramid - Split

I can now check "furry" off the list of adjectives I've used to describe DIY packaging. Split release of improvised guitar ambience from Beard Closet and Primate Pyramid on Arachnidiscs Recordings. As on his Horror Fiction release, Beard Closet starts slow, building a base of circulating ambience before gradually tearing open the sky, revealing blindingly blackened guitar tone. What's particularly new and interesting for me here, is the introduction of a much noisier element, and ultimately a very satisfying and melodic finish that descends into glitchy madness. On the flip, Primate Pyramid takes a softer, more measured approach, reverberating strummed guitar, sheets of noise and static, and waves that roll into and out of consciousness before creating a caustic bath of near industrial harsh noise. The entire release is in a constant state of movement. Wow.

Edition of just 40, as I mentioned black fur adhered to the outside of a soft poly case. Gold shell tapes with a liner notes adhered to the underside of the box. Very strange indeed. Stream in full and grab direct from the Arachnidiscs Bandcamp, and dig the label site for more.

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