Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sima Kim - Intertwined

Soft, gently glitched tectonic ambient movements from Sima Kim, with Intertwined on Spring Break Tapes. Delicate moments that loop, establish themselves, and slowly spiral outwards until they join with a host of melodic elements (I think guitar), as a developed whole. It's a free flowing and organic process that often occurs within the span of just a few minutes. I can imagine that for most members of our hectic and immediate society, these may seem to start and end without occurrence, but for the astute listener, there can be depth immeasurable. I'm uncertain if the intent of these ambient pieces is to impart a feeling of nature and the natural, but I can't help picturing expansive plains, sunrises, all that type of stuff. A release that truly exhibits command, both from the artist to command his own process, and the listener to command their attention to each element to enjoy the whole. A set of original tracks on the front, remixes on the flip.

As always Spring Break Tapes brings a completely professional physical edition of 100. Fold out double sided insert, download included. Grab direct from the label.

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