Sunday, January 26, 2014

Circulation Realms - Mask

Woozy, futurist electro pop structures from Circulation Realms with Mask, on Austin based Marmara Records. Tightly constructed synth melody, absolutely bursting with depth, driven by wide open gently blown out beat work. Feels completely genre-less, floating in a place between ambience, darkwave, noise, and some sort of outsider genre I can't quite nail down. That's what so interesting to me, that outsider element. It lends (or I interpret) some type of narrative throughout this. I'm not sure what it is, but there's a really nice progression here that runs throughout. The standout track, Limiter, is vocal-less, echoing with percussion and thick currents of undulating synth. It typifies what makes this tape special, the timbres and mix are just killer. Perfectly compressed bass, and a soft shimmering vocal that you can almost catch but not quite. It all feels mysterious, like all of it is just out of reach. A future that never arrives, teasing the promise of tomorrow.

Very nice physical edition. Hand numbered edition of 100, double sided insert presented beautifully on shimmery silver stock. Mine included a sweet little pin of the album cover. Digital download included. Grab direct from Marmara.

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