Sunday, March 16, 2014

German Army - Millerite Masai

An intersection of post industrial and hallucinatory noise from German Army with Millerite Masai on Yerevan Tapes. Dense claustrophobic rhythm twisted inside out and played over a morass of pitch altered vocal samples. Some of it feels pretty abstract, a nightmare slowed down to single digit RPM's. Like that moment where the power goes out with an LP on, and the 2 seconds it takes for the turntable to come to a stop turns even the most upbeat recording drug addled and bizarre. Filthy and dark without being murky, not a single track of the thirteen sounds anything like the rest. The stand out of the group, Island Breath combines urgent immediate percussion with a rather unexpected reverberating guitar line. It packs true emotional punch, and ties the rest of this abstract and unfriendly sound together in a digestible context.

Edition of 100, full color jcard plain red shells indicated a/b by a single sticker. Glossy insert card included. Grab direct from Yerevan, or stream in full and purchase on Bandcamp.

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