Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Soft Candy - Self Portrait

Soft Candy with Self Portrait on Bun Tapes. A series of miniatures, presented very simply, each a combination of only a handful of elements. The timbre of the patches feels small, precise and "videogame-ish", juxtaposed by a very human playing style that evokes a mixture of conflicted emotion. Fragile, full of humanity, optimism and at times lonely and bare. In opposition to most tape scene fare, nothing feels overly quantized or mechanical. An intentional stylistic choice which lends a humble approachability to the compositions. You can practically close your eyes and the composer appears in the room in front of you, vintage Casio sitting on top of legs crossed indian style. It's an intimate, raw listening experience. Some tracks, playful and odd, others touching, offering something sorrowful.

I'm absolutely in love with the packaging and design from Bun Tapes. It might sound strange, but there is just pure artistry in the intersection of fonts and colors they choose for typography. Everything feels subtly confident, precise and delicate, it's hard to explain, maybe you see the same thing? Grab direct from the label.

Yuge by Bun_tapes

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