Saturday, March 8, 2014

Black Unicorn - Traced Landscapes

Massive spacescapes from Black Unicorn with Traced Landscapes on Field Hymns. Intergalactic blazers for staring out the flight deck as you approach an unknown world. There are tapes for that little ship you held between your index finger and thumb when you were eight, flying it around the room pretending you were in the cockpit. This be one of those. Mid tempo, almost ballad-esq synth formations. Moments of emotion swell, sweet and genuine melodies tempered by something alien working with restraint to create tracks that sit halfway between ambience and soundtrack. Big sweeping washes of texture that glide from one side to the other. Nothing crusty or vague about this, it's confident and clean as a whistle. Fun, powerful stuff.

Edition of 75 hand numbered copies, pro printed and duplicated. Got that awesome signature Field Hymns vibe to the art. I wonder what the little man on the front is thinking? Is he wondering what's on that planet, or longing to go back? Grab direct from Field Hymns.

FH040 Black Unicorn - Lowland Observatory by Field Hymns Records

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