Sunday, March 16, 2014

Flowery Dreamcatcher - Hen To Pan

The removal of notions of time, and being. Moments where indiscernible instruments swirl into a fog of hiss and warble. Perceptions of past and future are overwhelmed by a soundscape so firmly rooted in the present as to eliminate the consideration of all others. Hen To Pan from Flowery Dreamcatcher on ((cave)) seems to reference the appeal of vintage New Age soundscapes, but steeps that reference to an era in the absolute perfection of a soundscape so satisfyingly honest and delicate as to eliminate the applicability of any time bound reference point. The flip sounds like outtakes from Bowie's Black Tie White Noise phase were captured to tape, removed from the reels, burned to ash and painted on the walls of a prehistoric cave to be interpreted by your headphones. Sounds crazy I know. But if you're a freak about your ambient soundscapes, you wait for tapes like this. Two single side tracks, no notions of coming or going. Just feel them in the present.

Edition of fifty, I have no idea how this is still available, but lucky you, it is. Grab direct from ((cave))

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