Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kevin Hein - Gauze II

Serene meditation from Kevin Hein with Gauze II on Baro Records. Perhaps more than meditative ambient, this release (a continuation of Gauze) explores an interesting intersection between drone and shoegaze. Layers of guitar floating over think layers of melodic softly rendered chaos. Perfect mood music, the sort of thing that begs for flow yoga and afternoons in your favorite chair, headphones on, tea in hand. Tracks blend together, and if they are separate, I can't recall an interruption as they meld seamlessly. For classification purposes, this lands on the guitar side of things, displaying wonderful restraint in playing, tracks defined as much by the breathing room between notes, and the notes themselves. Soft, bright, effortless.

Edition of 100, doubled sided inserts, pro duplicated on clear red. Stream in full and purchase on Bandcamp, or go direct to the label.

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