Sunday, March 23, 2014

Novy Svet - Doce

12 song retrospective release from industrial folk legends Novy Svet, with Doce on Kill Shaman Records. As you would expect in a compilation album, a wide range of the styles and genres from a decade plus of releases are reflected. I'm far from the authority on the entire body of Novy Svet work, but of the handful of releases I'm familiar with, the industrial element has far more prevalent. I was pleasantly surprised to find an eclectic and extremely melodic folk side that I did not anticipated. Textures, tones, vocal styles all exist in a firm, beautifully constructed space that sounds like almost nothing else. Vocals that verge on the militant and return to romantic with conviction. Sparse acoustic guitar twisted with just enough strange to make things challenging. Weird like I like it, puts you under a spell.

Can't find an edition size on this one, but it looks excellent nonetheless. Black vinyl, little liner notes with tribal figures, grab direct from Kill Shaman Records.

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