Monday, March 31, 2014

Ant'lrd - Biblioteca Nod Out

Noisy outsider ambience from Ant'lrd with Biblioteca Nod Out on Baro Records. Last time I checked in the Ant'lrd project, things were blissful. Sunday in the lazy chair glistening guitar mush. This time around it's a bit more challenging. Rough hewn pieces that stick out like jagged edges from a ball of drenched fuzzy melody, scraping a bit as they swirl and twist into your consciousness. A healthy dose of obfuscation and vagary that clouds the judgement of some really fantastic ambient underpinnings. To me, the eight tracks contained feel like a collection of like minded one off compositions and orphan recordings. None of them quite "fit", but still feel acquainted. Sounds that love each other but aren't quite in love if you catch my cliche'd drift. And it makes for an interesting listen. Harsh for the soft crowd or vice versa. The closing pair of tracks A Mellow Hum for Cycling in the City Pt.1 and Pt.2 are where I made the most of things, hazy undulating repetition and all.

Edition of 100, pro dubbed a duplicated on solid orange. Can't quite figure out the art on this, but I love it. Looks like some sort of peyote fueled field party. Stream in full and grab direct from the Baro Bandcamp.

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