Monday, March 31, 2014

Symbol - Online Architecture

Wow is this good. Swirling ambient dirt from Symbol with Online Architecture from Holodeck Records. This one has a toe on the spacey synth ambient side of the line, and the other on the earthy damaged side, heels directly on top of said line, greedily grabbing the best of both. Hissing twisting static running ragged on top of some high speed arpeggio stuff that dashes back and forth inside your closed eyelids. Funny that even though a lot of this is moving at breakneck speed, it feels slow. Spinning so fast the image blurs and becomes a continuous cycle. Wonderfully damaged to the point of near post industrial classification, but held back, just. And of course with 6 tracks over almost 40 minutes of tape, there are moment of wonderful actual slowness, where melodies appear, show themselves and recede into the background. As always, hard to properly describe things that sound good when describing noise, but this does. Measured, thoughtful intensity.

Edition of 200 (you know you're a big time label doing runs of 200)! Pink tapes, pro dubbed and imprinted. Not sure where I can find a pink track to run on, but I suggest you grab a copy of the tape direct from Holodeck (releases on April 8th) and see if they can tell you.

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