Sunday, April 13, 2014

Steve Kenny - Night Warning

Paranoia inducing synth waves from Steve Kenny with Night Warning on 905 Tapes. Mysterious hallucinatory stuff. Bold repetition of constantly evolving lines that swirl around the cortex, offering something slightly different on each pass. Super limited number of elements, which allows conscious interpretation to dissolve giving way to close examination of the timbre on display. And that timbre, well, it's kind of like this 90's clubbed out broad and spacey thing that got smashed into the floor and slowed down to 1/4 speed. Rave tracks for the Sloth master race circling the earth in their starship. Two side long tracks, with possibly two on the flip, but without a track listing I couldn't be sure. Sounds like taking a bath in cough syrup to freshen up after a night of sleeping on the bathroom floor.

Edition of 75 pro dubbed beauties, transparent eyes starring back from the shell, some of the coolest on tape art I've seen. Grab direct from 905 tapes, or stream in full at the label Bandcamp.

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