Sunday, April 13, 2014

Strange Mountain - Levitation Mist

Murmurs of the earth and concentration on the eightfold path buried in looping analog drones from Strange Mountain with Levitation Mist on Illuminated Paths. Unfiltered ambient mediation often juxtaposing a warm open melody against a more complex slightly noisy rhythmic movement. A push pull of complimentary pieces, each presented raw and damaged, sometimes so much so that a complete unraveling of the soundscape seems imminent. Moments that must be enjoyed consciously, perceived with the purity of the present, for they did not exist before, and will not exist after. 10 Tracks, five on each side, with two exclusively on the physical release. The run time of each side was considerably shorter than the length of the actually tape, causing you to have to consciously seek out the second half.

Edition of 25 hand made unique works of reconstruction. Each tape duplicated on top of an old church tape with labels stuck on top of the originals. Album art and liner notes folded inside the old soft poly case with a "Flags of the World" trading card adhered to the back, the whole thing sealed with a smiley sticker. Madness, I love it. Grab as I did direct from Illuminated Paths.

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