Sunday, April 20, 2014

Shingles - God First Planted A Garden

Heady and heavy exploration from Singles with God First Planted A Garden on 2:00 AM Tapes. Lots to digest here, at 26 minutes this one uses every inch of that tape to patiently develop and deliver on a middle ground between sludge and the cosmos. Caustic swirling washes of synth texture. Broad, majestic melodic lines slowly devolving into fuzzed out guitar grit and riffage. A typewriter urgently meeting the typebars with the platen. What I found particularly interesting was the marriage of unique elements into a single context that really works, and plays with a lot more bite than most of the tape scene. Sounds like the reverberating energy of a Hawkwind jam session recorded from the sewers below the main stage. Messy, varied, off the wall.

Art looks like some type of Dr. Seuss contraption turning crab claws into sausage. Is the CNR81 feeding into the A91 or the other way around? Pro dubbed and imprinted pink tapes, stream it at the label Bandcamp, I purchased from from the excellent 905 Tapes Store, but they look to be fresh out.

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