Sunday, April 20, 2014

Loom - S/T

Slow creeping filth from Loom, with a self titled two tracker of harsh guitar drone. On this one we're right in the middle of the sludge/meditation tug of war. Loud and overwhelming enough to block out thought with enough depth and evolution to invite close examination and introspection. Heavy elements that act as a foundation, giving depth as further pieces are stacked on top. A narrowly equalized soundscape and long echoing depth of field creates and tight window where all the noise fights itself for space creating an incredibly dense atmosphere. You can turn this up, and the spiraling guitar howls into your ear canal or you could drop the volume low and just float along on the tide. I chose the former.

Edition of just 40, collage art, gold shells labeled with a label maker on the front, "hand" numbered on the back in the same way. Grab direct from Psi Labs or stream in full and purchase at the label Bandcamp.

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