Sunday, April 27, 2014

The National Park Service - Winter Clothes

Organic drift from The National Park Service with Winter Clothes on Rok Lok records. Something that sounds like primarily guitar, heavily treated and reassembled, with possibly a synth going on pretty liberally. (Although I'm often surprised by just how many artists you think use synth are constructing everything from guitar) Anyway, my own listening limitations aside, this is really beautiful stuff. It's ambience tinged with a bit of folk and shoegaze, hovering around the periphery of drone long enough to give each element in the mix time to develop. Soft buoyant notes, played tactfully and with restraint. A strong editors eye is on display, as a carefully curated group of sounds is introduced in each track, but between tracks a wide variety. It's a clever way to play with a large number of elements and textures without overwhelming the integrity of the sounds themselves. Mature and thoughtful.

Hand numbered edition of 50 home dubbed and hand stamped tapes. Grab direct from Rok Lok.

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