Sunday, April 27, 2014

q///q - Azores Azul

Lo fidelity scuzzed out electro experimentation from q///q with Azores Azul on Skrot Up. I'm in peril of polluting a vast number of posts with references to either philosophy or video games, BUT in lieu of any concerns that you could ever have too much of either... this is a fascinating reinterpretation (in parts) of the timbres and structure of much of what the golden age of 16 bit processing had to offer. That being said, not all of the five tracks feel that way. The occasional vocal is introduced clouding categorization further (sounds like Novy Svet soundtracking Blaster Master?). Beats are slightly off kilter, and bass lines are ripping in that highly compressed Casio kind of way. It's a charming mix of nostalgia and original concepts, so odd and so familiar at once.

60 copies individually stamped and numbered. The tape repeats side A on the flip. Can't find this one listed on the Skrot Up site, but plenty to dig into there. Stream it in full and grab via the SU Bandcamp.

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