Sunday, April 27, 2014

Demonstration Synthesis - DS2

The thing about synths..., they shimmer. Just ask any blogger, it's what they do. In addition to swirling of course. Demonstration Synthesis does those things with DS2 on Rotifer, and of course that means it's done right. As cliche as the ways to describe these types of jams can be, there really is something fantastic about these angular crystalline notes. Complex interlocking arpeggios that dance corner to corner across your brain. Noting vague or obscure here, just straight up precise and up front. This is one of the most directly presented soundscapes you'll find in the genre. Eleven tracks, all of them beautifully done each a single uncluttered thought. Sounds like the OST for Outrun, if Outrun were about racing spaceships and that blond in the passenger seat was made of laser tag.

Edition of 50 copies, spray painted silver. Double side collage inserts with miniature liner notes and download code included. Grab direct along with the massive five tape batch from Rotifer.

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